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Fall at Thinking Caps

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Thinking Caps Tutoring has been a life saver. Not only do they address the material in a constructive and creative way, Thinking Caps tutors are warm and friendly and make learning fun. As a parent it is reassuring to know that my child is getting first rate educational support while building her self esteem.

Amy K.
Trinity School

Welcome to Thinking Caps

It is my pleasure to write to the families, students, instructors, and colleagues that underpin Thinking Caps. Your support has been integral to the growth and success of this company, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to help our students become brilliant and independent learners.

Thinking Caps began in my college dorm room at NYU while I was still immersed in studying the facets of psychology and its applications to education. One of my first students was a 7th grade boy, who, after struggling in school, believed he could not succeed without extensive tutoring. Soon after I began working with him, I realized that he was a bright student who just lacked the skills to tackle the school process. I understood that by teaching this student fundamental skills, I would empower him to take charge of his academic life and enable him to succeed both within and beyond the classroom. It was this boy’s accomplishments, and what I learned from my time with him, that ignited my passion for helping students overcome academic hurdles and making their school experiences more successful and enjoyable. Today, Thinking Caps continues with this commitment to helping students in their pursuit of knowledge.

For over a decade, this philosophy has been the foundation upon which we designed our signature Connect the DOTS program. We have successfully published three books, including two with publisher McGraw-Hill for SAT and ACT preparation. We remain dedicated to our instructors by helping them grow as individuals, teachers, and most importantly, mentors.

We realize that there is a strong school movement to emphasize curriculum and content and unfortunately the skills to navigate school are falling through the cracks. Our goal at Thinking Caps is to bridge this gap so that students feel confident that they can be leaders of their own learning....read more

Featured Programs at TC

Study and Executive Functioning Coaching

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to help students study smarter. We know that kids aren't "lazy" and sometimes just need help navigating the school process. Our Connect the DOTS service encourages students to learn habits of organization, time management, study skills. Not only does the program lead to improvement in grades, but gives students the opportunity to become independent learners for life.