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Volume 9, Issue 3

Fall 2017

A Word From Our Founder

Alexandra Mayzler, Executive Director, Thinking Caps

We've made it through the beginning of the new school year – albeit with a few extra cups of coffee and a little less sleep than normal. For me, this year is particularly exciting because, alongside you, I am experiencing September as a parent of a brand-new school-goer (preschool counts, right?). I know that the first few weeks of school are a combination of nervousness and excitement. There are new teachers, new classes, and new routines all around. We’re here to give your kids and teens the tools they need to succeed in the year ahead, and to support your family through its academic journey. more

Tutor Spotlight

Meagan Cadet

I came across a post on the Internet sometime ago that talked about how we never truly leave our past selves behind: when we turn twelve we don’t stop being five, and though we may be twenty-seven, there’s still a seven year old hidden somewhere deep inside us. The main idea behind this is that we don’t grow out of our younger selves, but with them, and they work together to form the foundations of who we are. more

Healthy Test Taking

It's officially back to school season, and for many of you that also means ISEE season. At Thinking Caps, we know how stressful this New York rite of passage can be—that’s why our test prep process is designed to keep kids healthy, academically and psychologically. This fall, we're proud extend our services by offering a workshop with two licensed psychologists, in which your kids will:

  • Develop a healthy attitude to high-stakes test taking
  • Build skills to increase relaxation
  • Learn to be aware of thoughts and feelings during test scenarios
  • Acquire a toolbox of lifelong test taking skills

Dr. Tracy Brenner has years of experience developing strategies to reduce stress and promote learning, both in private practice and in her work as the high school psychologist at The Churchill School and Center.

In addition to her own work as middle school psychologist at Churchill, Dr. Orit Goldhamer has provided many workshops for parents, teachers and students regarding digital citizenship, media literacy, stress reduction techniques and more.

  • Dates: October 20th and 22nd
  • Location: Churchill (10/20) and Thinking Caps Office (10/22)
  • Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • RSVP by October 6th at

Eat some snacks, ask some questions, and learn to tackle the test with confidence!

You Ask, We Answer!

A student asks: My mom is making me take breaks during homework. She says that I can't just be on my phone. But I find being on my phone relaxing. Isn't a break just down time in between assignments? read our answer!

Tips and Helpful Hints from Tutors:

Use a planner and schedule out your week ahead of time. Include quiet time and activities that will help you wind down as well, not just homework assignments and exams. – Tiffany T.

Email your teachers before the new school year starts and ask for a copy of the class syllabus. This not only shows shows your teachers that you are a proactive and engaged student, but it also gives you a chance to preview the course and get an idea of what you'll learn over the course of the year. - Jessica X.

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Parent's Corner

A parent asks: My 1st grader really hates reading aloud.  It is often a huge struggle to get him to open up a book and get through his nightly reading.  Sometimes it is just easier for me to read to him, but I worry that approach does not allow him to build his skills.  What can I do to help him feel better about reading? read our answer!